5 Reasons to Train for the Whistler 10K

If you’re thinking about getting into running, maybe a half or full marathon is on your bucket list, here are a few reasons why a 10K race is the perfect introduction to the sport.

1. 10K is a decent distance to run, but training won’t take over your life!

10K is about an hour of running, give or take 20 minutes depending on the course/your speed. That’s nothing to shrug off for the average person, but also not unattainable without a little effort and training! In fact, you can be confident to run a 10K in just 3 months, check out our 12-week training plan!


Photo: Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler

2. Training with a friend is fun!

Have you been looking for an excuse to spend 30-60 minutes outside, need to reconnect with a friend? Sign up for the Whistler 10K together and have an instant training partner to catch up with on runs, keep you accountable to your training schedule and plus, the post-race celebration is much more fun with a buddy!


Photo: Rob Shaer

3. Recovering from a 10K is easy

We’ve all seen the coworker limping around the office after running their first marathon and that might be enough to scare you off from running on the weekend. We’re not saying you won’t feel it in the days following, but with proper recovery you should be able to return to easy runs soon after!

Spend the night in Whistler after the 10K and join us for Recoverun, a coached restorative trail run through Whistler’s Lost Lake Park. This non-timed, non-competitive run will be a slow paced exploration of the trails in Lost Lake Park, the crown jewel of Whistler’s Park system. Followed by a guided stretch and roll session, you learn proper recovery techniques and the benefits of keeping your body in motion while your muscles may tell you not to.


Photo: Rob Shaer

4. Recovery is FUN!

Now that you’ve woken your muscles up a little bit, head over to the incredible Scandinave Spa and immerse yourself completely in the beauty and serenity of it’s surroundings. Practice the age old Scandinavian tradition of hydrotherapy and experience it’s energizing and relaxing benefits.


Photo: Scandinave Spa/Justa Jeskova

5. The look good/feel better benefits are REAL

It takes about 20-30 minutes of aerobic activity before the endorphins kick in. These happy hormones will leave you feeling good for up to 24 hours! Plus, exercising regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve concentration, motivation, memory, and mood.

Another side effect of consistent exercise? Building muscle mass, toning your body and sliming your waistline!


Photo: Rob Shaer

Registration for the 2020 Whistler Half Marathon 10K is now open. Click here for full details and to register!

About Whistler Half Marathon

Offering a world class running event in a world class resort not only for athletes, but also for the spectators, partners, and community. A breath-taking (in a good way) course that winds though some of Whistler's finest neighbourhoods, with a start and finish line next to the Olympic rings and cauldron! Are you running Whistler?
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