Great places to eat post-race

Whistler is definitely lucky to be surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains, but we’re also blessed to have such a great abundance of options when it comes to food! Although we’ll have some options post-race for something to eat, we can also bet you’ll be after some more food later (you did just run a race, after all). So here are some of our favourites that we hope you will enjoy too:

  1. Wildwood
    This restaurant is a great option at a good price point. It’s located in the lobby of the Crystal Lodge (our Host hotel) and is bound to have something for everyone. This would be a wonderful breakfast option the day after the race or a cozy place for dinner on race day after you have watched our Trails in Motion event!
  2. Stonesedge Kitchen
    Located opposite Buffalo Bills, this little restaurant caters for a lot of different dietary options. A nice open space with room for groups, this is a nice option a little bit away from the hustle and bustle.
  3. The Whistler Brewhouse
    This bar/restaurant is not far from the finish line so there isn’t as far of a journey to get to it! They brew a range of their own beers and do some great specials, not to mention they have a perfect patio space to soak up the sun post-race.
  4. The GLC
    This bar just recently redesigned their patio and is right up against the Whistler Bike Park so you can mow down a burger while watching the daredevils take their lines down to the village.

What are some of your favourite restaurant options in Whistler?

About morganadunn

An Aussie transplant circa 2006, Morgan fell in love with long distance running after playing competitive soccer and hasn't looked back. When she's not running, she's working with client's as a holistic nutritionist to help them feel their best so that they can enjoy their active life.
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