The best vitamins and minerals for a runner


Vitamins and minerals are an important part of our internal make up and something we need in order to properly function, but as runner’s it’s even more important to ensure we keep on top of our micronutrient needs in order to stay healthy! Since we sweat a lot, and our feet hit the pavement, we can be sometimes at a deficit when it comes to our micronutrients. Food based sources are generally best, but some may need supplements. So here are 4 vitamins and minerals that are best for runner’s!

Vitamin C

This vitamin is known for its antioxidant properties and not only can it help ward off the common cold but it also helps lessen the inflammation our bodies create from running.


Although this would differ from person to person, but every time your foot hits the pavement it actually smashes the red blood cells on the base of the foot, which can deplete iron stores in some people quicker than others. Depending on what you’re eating it might be worth getting your iron levels checked. Low iron can make you fatigued and feeling sluggish, which doesn’t help getting out the door for a run!

Vitamin B

Our B Vitamins are a collection of vitamins that have a range of benefits such as providing energy, improving our mood and boosting immunity. These are best taken in the morning and can give us an added pep in our step.


This is a big one for runner’s as we can get depleted of this one really easily. It’s a mineral but also a part of our electrolyte make up, which we sweat out. This mineral helps our muscles relax, which is particular important after they’re contracted as we run. Best taken at night, it helps us calm down and is good for the heart.

About morganadunn

An Aussie transplant circa 2006, Morgan fell in love with long distance running after playing competitive soccer and hasn't looked back. When she's not running, she's working with client's as a holistic nutritionist to help them feel their best so that they can enjoy their active life.
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