The 8 minute rule

If you read my inaugural entry last week, you’ll know that I ended with a reference to a “spark”. You know… that little feeling, that desire to get out the door and run your heart out.

But let’s face it. Some days, whatever spark you may have once had feels more like a tiny fizzle. The thought of merely putting shoes on to get out out the door is overwhelming not at all appealing.

Enter the 8-minute Rule.

You aren’t feeling it. You don’t want to go. There’s a laundry list of reasons why you can’t run. But here’s the thing, and I know you’ve heard it all before: you’ll feel so much better if you do. So give yourself 8 minutes. Do whatever it takes to get yourself out there, start your mission and make a deal with yourself: run for at least 8 minutes. There’s a very good chance that after 8 minutes, you’ll be ticking along, have mostly forgotten why you didn’t want to be out here in the first place.


If, after those first 8 minutes, you still aren’t feeling it? Cut yourself some slack and give yourself permission to just call it quits. Listen to your body and to that little inner voice. Sometimes, it knows more than you do.

Take a deep breath, shake it off, walk it home.

There’s always tomorrow.




About Christine Cogger

I am not a writer. I like my kids, coffee, running around and reading about you. I live in the most incredible part of the world and am lucky enough to live some pretty great adventures.
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