Dual personality

March in Whistler means you never really know what sounds will greet you in the morning… will you wake to chirping birds or snowplows? Pounding rain on the roof or the sound of ski boots walking to the bus stop? Sometimes, it’s even a combination of all those things.

Such is the dual personality that is spring in a mountain town.  Embrace it! We are lucky to be offered such easy access to a multi-sport playground. Ski in the morning, bike in the afternoon? Check. Sunrise skate ski, sunset trail run? Done. See how easy that is? It’s a pretty neat feeling to get home and, if you’re like me, make sure your long underwear can double as run gear so that you can make a quick change and head back out for that post-ski run.

I have friends who make fun of me and my deeply ingrained need to continue these so-called “summer sports” all winter long. But why should I stop if, well, I don’t need to? Fill up those days, I say. Squeeze it all in!

As the days get longer and the dreaded daylight savings phenomenon comes and goes, the motivation to get out there is a little stronger, a little easier to embrace. In the back of my mind, goals and ideas start to form. I start to map out some plans for races I’d like to do… trails I want to tackle and adventures I want to talk people into. It doesn’t take much: one sunny spring day will do just fine to light that spark.

What’s got you sparked this spring?


Spring in the valley, Winter on the mountain. It’s the best of both worlds.


About Christine Cogger

I am not a writer. I like my kids, coffee, running around and reading about you. I live in the most incredible part of the world and am lucky enough to live some pretty great adventures.
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