True story

True story

The general rule of thumb is to get new shoes every 350-500 km. Or, if you’re just starting out and the shoes you currently own are a few years old, replace them even if you haven’t worn them for anything more than what would be considered “everyday use”.

Something I always recommend to anyone looking to get a new pair of runners is to get yourself fitted. Many stores out there offer free “fitting” services. This is where you go in, have your gait analyzed by the staff and are given a few options of shoes to choose from. It helps if you bring in your current pair of shoes so they can see where exactly the tread wears down when you run.

The one and only time I’ve had my gait analyzed was back in 2009 when my coach recommended I get new running shoes because the ones I was currently in were actually pushing my foot strike to the outside edge of my feet and likely were a small contributing factor to my ending up with a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal of my left foot. I was checked out, and ended up in a brand of shoe that I have been loyal to ever since.

How do I keep track of the mileage on my shoes? Usually my knees tell me when my shoes are starting to get close to trade-in time. If my shoes are due, my knees ache after a run; sure enough, if I replace my running shoes with new ones the aches vanish. If I’m honest, though, for the most part I just guess at the number. I know when approximately I purchased my current shoes, and thanks to the magic of run-tracking programs like Garmin, Strava and Map My Run I can have a pretty accurate tally of the kms; some programs even have a place for you to record which shoes you ran in. I know some people who just write it on a piece of paper and keep that inside their shoe so they know, but to me that’s just a bit too tedious.

When it comes to dealing with my old running shoes, I donate them. Often, a quick search of the internet will turn up a list of shoe drives whereby individuals or charities are collecting used running shoes to send to countries where access to running shoes doesn’t exist. I’ll pack mine up and drop them off.

  I’m coming due for new running shoes, both for road and trail. The last pairs I purchased are about two years old now, and one of those pairs has the outside edges blown out for some reason. And I’m going to take my own advice and actually get my gait analyzed for the first time in six years. I may end up in a new brand of shoe, things have changed for me for sure so I’m keeping myself open to the possibility for change.

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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