….and then I promise we’ll stop doing race reports and get onto other aspects of Summer running in Whistler. It’s just, this is the only real running I’ve done lately and it was super fun!


What a great event this was! I’ll admit, running in the evening has never been something I enjoy. Especially when it’s as hot as it has been lately, but also I’m more of a morning person when it comes to running and most running events take place at that time of day so train for when you’ll be running, right?

On Tuesday, June 23 I lined up with a huge group of people out for a fun run with a cause. Read about that cause here . Our route was a super quick loop of Lost Lake, starting and finishing at Passivhaus; less than 5km roundtrip.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.09.29 PM

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I surprised myself on this run! Post-Whistler Half Marathon I’d run only twice prior to this and was not met with good outcomes (read: pain afterward). Meeting the challenge of running fast for a few kms was not expected.

My pace/mile:
1. 8:56
2. 8:20
0.4 7:37
Total: 20:31

Now, granted there was no official timing and it wasn’t a formal race (there were prizes for first female and male to cross the Finish, mind you), but I feel pretty awesome about my finish time and effort. I also didn’t have any pain afterward, which is the real “win” for me at this point!

We wrapped up the evening at Scandinave Spa; a super fun après went along with the race, and we enjoyed food from Creekbread, Solfeggio, Nesters Market and beer from Whistler Brewing then hit the baths for some “no shoooshers allowed” soaking.

Post-race; buncha chicks hanging out on a fence

Post-race; buncha chicks hanging out on a fence

When these events are held in the future, and there will be more, I strongly encourage anyone with even the mildest of interest in participating (it is a run/walk event after all) to come on out and support a good cause while getting in a little sweat at the same time!

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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