Did you just get goosebumps? It’s RACE WEEKEND, baby! No matter what happens on race day, you made it. You’re here. Now let me tell you about all of the other things we’ve got planned for you to enjoy.

PS – you probably saw this show up in your email inbox sometime over the last few days, here is your downloadable RACE GUIDE


For those who want to avoid the crowds, we’ve got race package pickup running from 5pm to 8pm in the Crystal Gallery at Crystal Lodge & Suites.


More package pickup from 1pm to 11pm – if you don’t get it today, you’re basically not running on race day. Enjoy the Partner Showcase while you’re at it; grab some samples, look at products, do some shopping.

Carbo Load Dinner at Whistler Brewhouse 6:30pm – I’m told this one is SOLD OUT. If you don’t have tickets, at least you know what the rest of us will be doing!

instride seminar series: If you’re interested in a Course Orientation, you can get in on one of the sessions with our Race Director, Dave Clark, at the Crystal Lodge & Suites. Times are 3pm and 9pm. You can also take part in the CLIF Bar Pace Team Team Orientation talks at 3:30pm and 8:30pm.


RACE DAY!!! Starting with pre-race yoga at 6:30am and then our respective races times, this day is jammed with stuff to keep you and your support crews entertained.

Post-race, grab some food and enjoy the live entertainment at the GORE-TEX MainStage. Apparently there is a Perfect Pair Matching Game going on at the SmartWool tent at 9:15am. I have no idea what it’s about, but let’s hobble over and play!

The awards ceremonies kick off at 10am. 10km winners at 10, Half Marathon winners at 10:15am. The half marathon winners run 21km just a little slower than I can run 10km. That’s probably the only time you could say the word “slow” when talking about their incredible running speeds, so I take full advantage! 🙂

The cutest race ever, The Little Rippers Kids Run, kicks off at 10:30am followed by kids’ entertainer, Ira Pettle at 11:00am. Ira is pretty much my favourite part of any kid-related event in Whistler. My girls love him, and you’re basically guaranteed a good chunk of time where the kids are occupied and you can finally relax post-race without having to chase them all over the place. Unless he’s calling parents up to take part in a dance or two, which he does on occasion, enjoy this break.

Post-race celebrations take place all day at The North Face store starting at 11am.

At 1pm, at The North Face Store, the instride Seminar series kicks off again. Yours truly will be the final speaker in the series, I’ll be talking about taking a holistic approach to the runner’s lifestyle using essential oils. I might also have some samples and a draw prize going on, so come check it out and say hi!

InStride Seminar Series Schedule of Speakers
1:00PM – Ian McNairn, Ultra Runner
2:00PM – Greg McDonnell, Clinical Counselor – “Managing The Hurt”
2:45PM – Christine Suter, Certified Trainer – “Big 5 Exercises for Runners”
3:30PM – Aimee Decaigny – “Essential Oils for Runners”

At 4:30pm we’re hosting a Wine Tasting event, “Taste of BC Summer Wines” immediately following my talk at The North Face store. You need tickets for this one, they cost $10 and can be purchased here.


The RecoverRun starts at 9am from The North Face store. Post-run, take in a quick info session while you stretch.

Remainder of the day, I would go to Scandinave and soak that body. Book yourself a massage NOW if you want to get one – then you can use the baths complimentary with your massage package!

Congratulations, and I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

One more thing: We have over 100 volunteers who contribute hours upon hours of their time to make your race weekend happen. I shouldn’t have to say it, but remember to THANK YOUR VOLUNTEERS!

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

PS – I am not done here. We’re taking the blog through the summer months and you’ll get to see what running in Whistler looks like when we aren’t training for the half marathon. Think trails, other races (I’ve got a post about a special event coming up for next week, stay tuned), and of course more photos and posts about food. I hope you’ll continue to join us in our little corner of the web.

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