This week’s post is a bit late because I’ve been enjoying the first few days of a much needed family holiday to Hawaii. My apologies, and rest assured I have next week’s already lined up.

With less than a month now until our big day, it is vital to stay as consistent and as on-schedule as possible in our training these next few weeks. A holiday is generally not the best way to accomplish this because we typically end up going lax in more areas than just our workouts; eating habits go a little astray….we might drink a little more than usual….and the alarm clock is definitely not being set. You know what I’m talking about.

Good morning, sunshine!

Good morning, sunshine!

How do I stick to my training schedule while on holiday? Honestly, I don’t. Total transparency here, I know that I probably should run at least a 16-17km route one day in the next week but in all the years we’ve been coming here, a true long run has never once happened for me. And it definitely isn’t going to happen this time. For a few reasons:

1) I cannot stand running in the heat. Even in Whistler in the summer I will be out the door as early as possible so I can run in cooler temps. On Maui, as soon as that sun comes over Haleakala it is game over for cool air. PS – that time is somewhere around 6:30am.

2) I hate carrying stuff while I run and if I am going to run longer on a hot holiday, I need a water bottle. I sweat a LOT when I run anyway, add humidity to the mix and it’s just not a good recipe for hydration. Over the years I have managed to train myself to not carry anything during a race aside from gels, and rely on the water at aid stations on course, this results in my being lazy when it comes to what I carry on a regular run.

3) I’m on holiday for goodness sake! Chances are I am not here to get more run down, I’m here to get some distance and major no rules no schedules no commitments time. IMG_0672

So, seriously, though – how do I stay on track? I run, but I don’t usually go farther than 10km because that requires water bottles and heat tolerance (see 1 and 2 above), not to mention the kids are up and raring to go pretty early thanks to the time difference between here and back home so my run time and recovery/clean up starts to cut into beach time fairly quickly.

If you’re staying in a hotel or resort, chances are there is a gym with (ugh) a treadmill. Always an option, though, personally, never my first choice.

I run on the beach, which is a killer leg workout if you ever need one. I try to run tempo runs, I’ll occasionally try to run speed work. I do the maintenance runs, so to speak. I make the workouts that I do do count, and I allow myself to rest if I want to.

If you can plan in a long run for your own holiday, and are dedicated to your goal and can stick to it then I applaud you. What I do is just what works for me; it keeps me active during a time when it’s easy to not be and open to explore some new terrain (always fun). Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off plan when you go on holiday during training, sometimes that rest is just what your body needs before the final push to race day and beyond. When you return home, don’t try to make up the lost mileage, just pick up where you left off and accept that your longest run might fall a bit short of the prescribed distance.

A trail along the shoreline? Perfection.

A trail along the shoreline? Perfection.

I’m all about doing what you can and being realistic. This means being okay with letting go of some goals potentially because my training has waned, and accepting that any grand plans to stay on track though well-meaning are very likely to fall through.

One thing is certain, I encourage people to get out there (wherever it is safe) and run in the area that they are visiting. Find a local run club, ask if your resort has a running trail on property (some do), and see what is around you. Even if you only go down the street, it might be the only time that you visit that area on your holiday so enjoy it and have fun.

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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