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Whistler Half Marathon race course outline

I’m really excited to bring you this little series, Tour the Course, over the next few months. Basically, you’re going to be getting a visual on the race course for the Whistler Half Marathon. A little sneak peek at some of the parts of this little mountain town that you’ll be running through on June 6.

Now, I’d like to offer an apology on my photography skills upfront. I am not a photog by any stretch of the word, and it’s safe to assume that all of these photos will have been taken on my iPhone camera. So let’s just get that out of the way. Oh, I might also be running when I snap some of them, beware of blurry pics!

The good news? These posts will almost be entirely comprised of photos, and less stuff to read. Just sit back, scroll through, and enjoy. Don’t worry, I won’t be ruining anything (some secrets will be kept) and I promise that everything you’re going to see here will be so much better in person, you won’t even remember that you’ve already seen it!

On with the show:

Very early into the race, you will meet Blueberry Hill. This is the bottom.

Very early into the race, you will meet Blueberry Hill. This is the bottom.


You can see Whistler mountain looming in the background. I don’t even think this is halfway up the hill.


Remember to look left so you can catch a glimpse of Whistler’s sister, Blackcomb.


The good news is, once you crest the top of the hill, there is a lovely downhill into Alta Vista/Lakeside Park. Recovery and speed are yours on this section.


This is where our first water station is, right in front of that building there. You’re entering Lakeside Park. Remember to thank your volunteers!


Runners will be coming and going at this fork in the trail, it will be busy and there might be some race course photographers along this section. Smile, remember – you paid to do this! 🙂


You’re about to enter Nordic, and wind your way up and back down toward that first water station. I promise, the hills are almost over….

This series is going to appear once every month, and will feature sections of the course within a 5km span. I’m probably coming up a bit short here, I did leave out the start line and first section crossing the Sea to Sky Highway after all , but a quick check with my Garmin details and this spot here is about where the 5km mark registers.

There you go, the first 5km of the course. Blueberry Hill is the worst of it, I promise. And the views kind of make up for the challenge so early in the race. Trust me, you want it out of the way early so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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  1. trailmomma says:

    Great pics great course description
    All my comments are disappearing. 😦

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