Yesterday I had a meeting for a run club that I lead as an ambassador. One of our topics was setting goals and intentions for our run club season. It got me to thinking about my running goals for this year, which led me to wondering what everyone else has planned.

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Before any race, I usually set myself goals around a desired finish time. That’s just what happens the more you run and the more races you sign up for. No doubt, the very first half marathon I ever did my goal was merely to finish; if this year’s Whistler Half Marathon is your first, likely that’s the same goal you are banking on. Just finish. Just run through that finish chute to the finish line, maybe hear the announcer call your name (ya, they might do that and it is SUPER awesome) and complete this journey.

That’s perfect. That’s probably all you need.

Of course, my goal is also always to get to the start line injury free, well-trained, feeling prepared and excited for the day. My intention is always show gratitude by thanking my volunteers and boost others up by cheering for my fellow runners on the course. Beyond that, though, for the actual race? I’m all about time.

I’ve learned, that when it comes to setting a time goal I need to break it down into a few categories: Big, Hairy Audacious Goal; Beat My Personal Best; Match My Personal Best; Run Sub-2 Hours. This way, if I don’t hit my BHAG then I have three others to fall back on and still feel good about achieving. When focusing on a time goal, I think it’s just smart to have more than one otherwise we walk away from the experience feeling like we didn’t get what we wanted so therefore it was a waste of time.

Here are mine for the Whistler Half this year:

BHAG: Finish in 1 hour 50 mins – this means my training this year has to be DIALLED IN and I have to work hard. I’ll know about a week or two out from race day if this is actually going to be attainable.
BMPB: Anything faster than 1:55:31 (which, I actually set on this course in 2013)
MMPB: 1:55:31
Run Sub-2 Hours

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 7.43.45 PMOne more thing about goal setting. Make it real. And by that, I mean, word your goal as if you already have achieved it. Write it down, post it somewhere you’re going to see it every day (make it your desktop picture, stick a post-it on your bathroom mirror, etc). Put yourself in that moment; think about how it feels knowing you’ve achieved your goal.

This year, I run the Whistler Half Marathon in 1 hour 50 minutes.

What are you deciding is going to happen on race day? I’d love to hear it!

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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