Welcome to the blog for the 2015 running season! I’m super excited to share the journey to the start line for the Whistler Half Marathon with you; let’s all vow to get there healthy so that we can enjoy what I promise will be an incredible day of running (or walking, or both). Join a training group, get some friends on board to keep each other accountable, but have fun and take care of yourselves.

In the coming weeks I’m going to share a lot with you. Sometimes, you might think it’s too much (haha), others you might leave the post saying,”More, give me MORE!!”. We’re going to look at the race course (photos, yay!!), we’re going to talk about training plans, we’re going to visit some other areas around Whistler that are amazing for running and exploring, and as race day approaches I’ll share the other races taking place in and around our little resort town through the Summer and Fall; if this half marathon has planted a seed within in you, you’ll know that it doesn’t have to end here.

For now, though, I’m going to direct you back to the Whistler Half Marathon page so that you can sign up for Christine Suter’s run clinic.

Training run, in the rain. 2012

Training run, in the rain. And me sticking my tongue out (attractive).  2012

Christine and her team of coaches lead you through two weekly workouts, intervals on Thursdays and long runs on Saturdays, post-race info sessions covering everything from proper recovery and stretching to different fuelling strategies, plus a plan for the days that you aren’t running with the group. I’m not going to lie, some days you will HATE what you are doing (usually Thursdays), but June 6 will arrive and you will CRUSH it all the way to the finish line. Worth.every.penny.

The clinic begins on March 19, so you still have a bit of time to get registered. All abilities are welcome, there is even a training group for those who are going to walk the 21.1km course and new this year is a training program for those of you doing the 10km distance (seriously, we’ve ensured that you have no excuse, so just go ahead and sign up).

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts from me, and remember to leave comments so I know if there is anything specific that you want to see in this space every week. Or you can message me directly – bewellrun@gmail.com . In the meantime, make sure you follow Whistler Half Marathon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Never Stop Exploring ❤,

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