Pre Race Day Jitters

Have you ever had one of ‘those’ conversations with yourself? You know the one, where you’re asking yourself questions, and trying to think of a million and one reasons to talk yourself out of something.  Maybe I’m crazy, well we kinda already knew that; but I have them all the time.  However, the day before race day, I find I’m arguing with myself quite a bit.


What?! You say.  You’ve been training for 12 weeks; you’ve put in a ton of miles; you’ve got new shoes that are nicely broken in now; you’ve rested and recovered; your body is ready to go; but the mental game that play in my head still exist.  Today it went a little something like this:  


Self #1: Can you finish this race tomorrow?

Self #2: Yes you can finish, but you’ll probably end up not being able to walk the rest of the day.

Self #1: Really you think I’m going to be sore, whatever!

Self #2: Remember your first race last year, that great big huge ugly blood blister, you barely crossed the line.

Self #1: So, I was fine during the race.

Self #2: No you weren’t! You stopped to use the port-a-potty at km 16, in 37 half marathons you’ve never stopped to go to the ‘loo’.

Self #1: Well they did start the race late, so if it had of started on time, then I would have been fine. Now do I have all my nutritional stuff, gels, gummies, gum (yes I can chew gum and run at the same time), breakfast (hey I’m hungry), aside from picking up my race packet today good to go.

Self #2: Are you actually laying here, arguing with yourself, and procrastinating on not going out the door for your 4kms pre race jog?

Self #1: Admittedly so, you’re right, I’m ONLY *sigh* going 4kms, it’s 5:30am, I’ll be back before 6am if I leave now, so let’s argue a bit more and procrastinate shall we??!!


So I out the door Billie (my trusty Border Collie) and I went to clear my head of all those negative thoughts.


As I watched the sun come up over the mountains; I started to think of all the races I have run over the years. What worked, what didn’t, where can I improve?  I learn from each race and take something away from it.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t get pre race jitters (please refer to the conversation above, as well as the one that’s going on in my head as I write this).  We all get them, it happens, even the ultra-marathoner of marathons! We all get them.


How do you get over them; you talk yourself out of them.

Self #1: You’re not ready.

Self #2: You’re ready! You have the drive and determination.  You have the passion, the fuel and the fire.  You believe in yourself, you are strong.  You can do whatever you put your mind too.  You are a RUNNER!


Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Wishing you strong lungs, swift feet, and all the best!

See you at the Start and the Finish!

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