Gearing up for race day!

We’re down to the last few days before the race. It’s time for some self care – you’ve trained hard for the last 3 or 4 months. This isn’t school exam time – last minute cramming doesn’t work here! Training in the last week isn’t going to improve your performance or time.

I’m staying low key with my running this week. An 9 miler last week, then a 7 miler last weekend. And this week just a couple of super short runs just to keep reminding my legs what they’ll be up to this weekend! I’ve replaced my runs with some ‘easy’ strength and cardio workouts at home.

I’m also making sure I’m getting plenty of sleep this week – early to bed and shortening my morning workouts gives me a few extra z’s at both ends of my night-time – the slightly later alarm feels like quite the treat – self care at it’s finest – I feel like I’m rewarding myself after all those early morning runs recently!

And finally I’m watching what I eat. Last year I really noticed how much my diet affected my performance in races. I PR’ed twice last year and both times I had ‘detoxed’ for the week leading up to race day – I’m not talking crazy pills and potions but I cut out the crap and just ate real, whole foods -just simple ‘clean’ eating – meats & veggies – no grains, no processed rubbish, no sugars and no alcohol. Everyone is different and diets work in different ways for each and every one of us – but it’s difficult to dispute the benefits for ‘eating clean’ – last year’s race results certainly convinced me. Whilst I eat this way most of the time I kick it up a notch and am more strict with myself on the 7 days leading up to race day…of course there’s the added advantage that the post race food (And beer!) will taste all the more sweet!

Roll on Saturday!! Whistler here I come!

p.s. Happy National Running Day for tomorrow!! (Wednesday 4th June)

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Brit Chick now living in beautiful BC...blogging about running, fitness, healthy living, food, crafts, travel, my cute vizsla puppy and my awesome (eh!) Canadian life!
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