ready or not!!

Wow.  I turned the calendar this weekend to discover that June has definitely arrived!!!  It’s here!!  After months of training, race weekend is only days away!  June 7th has been marked on my calendar for what seems like forever, and now it is staring me in the face.

Am I ready?  In some ways yes, in other ways, probably not.  Having never tackled a half marathon before, I really don’t know what to expect.  I know that it will be a challenge but I am excited to face it.  I’ve worked really hard for this.  I know I won’t be a fast finisher, but having shifted my expectations, my finishing time will be secondary.  I’m hoping for a run that I can be proud of.  Considering that I literally took my first cautious steps only a year ago, I have to realize how far I’ve come.  I literally began this journey with 0.00km to my name.  To now be only days away from tackling 21.1km is an accomplishment in itself.  I won’t have the best time or pace, but I will finish.  I can’t guarantee it’ll be pretty, but I am not backing down now.

I’ve read so many articles about how many seasoned runners struggle with the tapering portion of their training.  Ha!!!  No problem from this rookie runner!  I quite welcomed those tapers, thank you very much!  It was almost like a reward for the hours and weeks of building up all those kilometres.  I hiked up the Grouse Grind once again this weekend for strength training and then ran my last 5km distance.  I’ll have a short training session on Wednesday and then it’s time to start packing my bags for the weekend!

As for packing, I’ve mentally planned out what I’ll be bringing along.  All weather dependent of course.  At this point, I have high hopes for optimal running conditions, but I will make sure I have my back-up items at the ready.  I stocked up on my energy sources and have even planned my meal for the night before as well as my breakfast for the morning of.  And of course, the celebratory dinner that will follow!!

I’m as ready as I can be.  Would I like to have another month of training?  Yes, but only for the sake of building up my confidence.  I’m excited but nervous all at the same time.  My immediate family has been so patient, letting me disappear for well over an hour at a time so I can log my kilometres.  I’ve had so many other family members, friends and colleagues supporting and encouraging me through my training, both in person and via social media.  I’ve made this challenge public.  I have to follow through.

So Whistler…  ready or not, this rookie runner is coming to town!  Here’s hoping that the running gods will smile down on us with optimal weather and that we will all find our happy running groove come race day.

See you all soon!!

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