Packing for race weekend

It might still be 11 days out but there’s nothing like a little advance preparation to a) add to the excitement and b) ease the nerves!! It’s especially important to do some prep if you’re heading to the race from out of town like me!

Here are a few ‘prep’ tips to think about during that last week before race day!

  • Don’t leave it till the last minute to start packing – start making a list of everything you’re going to need for the weekend (and make sure you didn’t leave your running shoes at the gym, or that your favourite shirt is stinking in the wash basket from last weekend’s run!!)
  • Plan for all kinds of weather – toque and gloves? – check!, sun visor and shorts? – check!
  • Pack a throw-away article of clothing – especially handy when the weather is trying to make up it’s mind on race morning – stay cosy at the race start and toss once you’ve warmed up!
  • If you’re heading in from out-of-town you might want to pack some healthy snacks for your trip  – when you’re staying in a hotel it’s not as easy to control your food choices. And give breakfast some thought – lots of hotels won’t be serving breakfast early enough to eat before your race so pack your favourite grab-and-go breakfast of choice! (I love bringing my little personal sized blender on trips to whip up a smoothie with some banana, milk & homemade granola!)
  • Bring tissues! Because you can never trust the supplies in those porta-potties!

So aside from the clothing here’s a quick look at the non-clothing ‘race essentials’ that I get ready for every race;

Packing for Race Weekend

  • Sunny weather gear – sun visor, sun glasses, sun screen
  • Throw away shirt
  • Tissues – I always fold a couple up neatly and slip in a little pocket on my shirt or shorts
  • Body-glide – because if you’ve found a way to avoid chafing we need to talk…
  • Lip Balm – maybe that’s just me?!
  • Money – I always carry Queen ‘Liz with me for ’emergencies’ – this new ‘plastic’ money is perfect – it’s doesn’t get soggy & sweaty like the old money bills used to!
  • iPhone – a.k.a my life-line!!…but really it means I have my camera with me (and the Whistler course is very photo-worthy!) and also my music. I’ve found this Belkin case super comfy along with my ear-buds
  • Garmin
  • Water bottle / fuel belt
  • Race day fuel of choice – and the best advice is to stick with what you trained with – don’t go changing it up for race day

Also don’t forget!

  • Electrical /Mobile device chargers – think phone, camera, Garmin etc!
  • ID and your race confirmation for package pick-up!
  • Safety pins for your race bib
  • For the girls out there… ties / hair bands etc
  • Flip-flops / comfy shoes for after the race
  • Foam Roller / Compression socks – whatever your post-race torture-tool of choice is!!

So that’s me, prepped and ready. All that stuff plus the 2-3 ‘all eventualities’ outfits! So, what have I forgotten?!!



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Brit Chick now living in beautiful BC...blogging about running, fitness, healthy living, food, crafts, travel, my cute vizsla puppy and my awesome (eh!) Canadian life!
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