This weekend in Whistler marked the first annual GO Fest . We saw activities of all forms; river rafting, theatre, dance, live music, a slush cup and a few races to name a few.

The AlpenGlow Fun Run was scheduled for Saturday night. I was absolutely intrigued by the race premise, especially the fact that it took place in the evening.

I’ve never run at night.

From the GO Fest website:

This mass participation run isn’t a race, it is a radiant adventure where participants can run, walk, skip and dance their way through Whistler Village and into the illuminated forest trails circling Lost Lake. At just under 7km this glowing excursion is a great warm up for the summer season’s more serious running races, and an entertaining and uncompetitive introduction to organized running events. 

Whistler’s favourite DJ, go-go legend Foxy Moron, will provide the funky beats for the entire run, broadcast live. Lululemon will bring the energy and animate AlpenGlow with cheer stations along the way where runners can catch their breath, get some support and hydration, or just stop to play with interactive displays.

Fun, right?

Not only was the AlpenGlow run my first ever run at night, it was also my first ever two-a-day.

What’s a two-a-day?

Common in the triathlon world, where one is training for three disciplines, it is often required to perform two workouts in the same day (i.e. swim in the morning, run or bike in the afternoon). Hence, “two-a-day”. I recognize that this is also normal in other sports, but for me the reference is endurance training.

I’ve never run twice in the same day, but because I lead run club at lululemon on Saturday mornings and I was registered for this event, my first two-a-day was born.

Funny enough, the route we took for run club was pretty much exactly the same as the route we ran for AlpenGlow. Looking back, now, I think that actually helped me. I’d had an easy run on the same course earlier in the day, and now it was time to put a little hammer down.

And it was a “little” hammer.

Now, I won’t complain about my speed. I know that I haven’t done any speed work lately and that I’m lucky it wasn’t a massive sufferfest trying to keep the pace that I did for this run – next time I won’t eat dinner before a night run. I’m including my splits here because I always do with a race report, keep in mind that these are in miles not kms:

1 8:28
0:18.5 (7:45 pace)

TOTAL: 36:30

There was no official timing, this truly was a fun run. Lots of families and kids, lots of brightly dressed people. Lots of good energy. And I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

I couldn’t stay for the prizes that were handed out after everyone else finished. I was completely exhausted from my two-a-day experience and was in bed shortly after 10pm. I slept HARD the entire night. It was good.




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