“Brightening Up” your run and Training Routine

During the final stages of training, before a big race, it is common to feel tired, lose motivation and question why you signed up for this thing in the first place.

The Whistler Half Marathon race is an incredible community event, graced with epic views and tons of local cheering fans at every mark of the race. The adrenaline and enthusiasm after crossing the finish line is enough to make anyone sign up for the following year. However, in the final two weeks of a race it can sometimes be hard to remember your motivation and inspiration. Many runner avoid races, or over-training in the final weeks for fear of injury and usually begin to taper their distances.The May long weekend, is a perfect time to find the equal balance of down time and restoration and a valuable opportunity to get some additional miles in before you head back to work this week.

This weekend in Whistler, is the first annual GO FEST.  A four-day long festival taking place on the Victoria Day Long Weekend with  events and activities celebrating outdoor recreation  As part of the festivities, was the inaugural Alpenglow run. A race starting at 8pm in the village square and all participants were encouraged to wear neon and bright color clothing. The event was “lit up” with a Zumba warm-up, glow stick bracelets and a local dj pumping out the beats. This was enough to get any person excited for the 6.8km trail run through Lost Lake Park. I should be honest, that at first glance of this run on social media and the papers I had my doubts. I am not a late night runner and was skeptical of rain and wet conditions. I was also hesitant to commit to a race close to the Whistler Half Marathon and 10km distance less than 2 weeks away.  However, when my brother and good friends were interested in the race and they had plenty of neon clothing to share I started to get excited and before I knew it I was doing the Zumba warm-up in a brightly colored hat and my glow stick arm band.

The race was fantastic, with each km marked with brightly colored cheering stations, dancers and even some out of the ordinary belly dancers and “monkeys” giving out bananas. The finish line was in village square with tons of people cheering us on, great music from a local dj and capped off a drink ..or two at a local patio listening to a concert. This race was the perfect recipe of ordinary and extraordinary to get me motivated to continue training and excited about the Whistler Half Marathon and 10km race. This experience reminded me that sometimes, we have to veer off our regular training routine and bring a bit more colour, night life and music into our life.

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