Inspiration comes in many different forms, from many different sources, from many different places, and we’ve all been inspired to do something at one point in our life. Whether it be run a marathon, half marathon, 10K, or 5K race, we did it because we were, inspired.  Who inspired you to do it?  Where did that motivation come from?  How did it drive you?  How did it change your life?

Over the past few days, I’ve found my inspiration coming from numerous different places, people, and in many different forms. I can think of a million and one reasons not to go for a run in the morning; my feet hurt, I’m tired, it’s raining, I’m old, I’m cold, I’m slow, I’m … they’re all just excuses, and not really inspirational or motivational.

As I drove home from work the other day, a local legend rode past me on his bike (those of you who read this may figure out who he is pretty quickly); this man is a true inspiration, he’s out every day, biking, skiing, hiking … nothing ever seems to stop him. He pushed me on our Tuesday night road bike rides last season (looking forward to his butt kicking again this year), always encouraging me, never letting me get down, teaching me, inspiring me.  I’m not sure what inspires and drives him; but I’m pretty sure I have an idea.  He just retired as one of the greatest ski coaches (no not Mr. Boyd … sorry Rob you have inspired me over the years for sure though!!).

I was then going to get my lunch at work; and as I walked into the market, I passed a gentleman who works by my office. He always smiles, greets me with a great hello, asks how my day is, tells me how beautiful it is outside (even if it’s snowing and -17C).  He goes to work every day, and doesn’t let his disability get him down; I’ve never seen him with a frown on his face … inspiring!

Then I was thinking about something a friend said to me a few weeks ago when out on a run; and this gentleman inspires me all the time. We were talking about a mutual friend, who just ran his first full marathon (apparently it’s my fault, in a good way); and he said, ‘you draw inspiration from all the people around you, but think of the people you’ve inspired.  They got that from YOU’.  I never thought of it that way; I can be inspiring.

So this week when running intervals, I thought of all the people that inspired me, and all the people that I’m inspiring. I took those hills by storm!  I may no longer be the fastest, youngest runner out there, but I’m still going, I’m still inspired to go, and all of you continue to inspire me to keep going, to not give up, to never quit!

Oh … and Rohan the next time you want to curse my name at 39kms, and kill me, remember, you inspire me to go farther every day! … glad you love me again!  Just remember where we started … right here … 🙂

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