Crossing training of a different kind

Last weekend I took part in a Mudd, Sweat & Tears event here in Kelowna. I’d signed up to join a team made up of staff from the non-profit agency I work at. I figured it would be a lot of fun and a bucket load of dirty!!

Bridge Trolls Mudd Sweat & Tears Kelowna

I wasn’t wrong!

I didn’t specifically train for the event. I knew my running mileage exceeded the race distance so I wasn’t concerned there. And since I cross train and strength train several times a week I felt those bases were covered too. It’s a fantastic feeling when you’re working out regularly that you’re physically and mentally ready for a challenge like this at short notice!

The course was probably only around 8km but it was set up in the Crystal Mountain ski resort and so there was some pretty crazy elevation changes (it would’ve been a lot easier if we’d all got a ride on the chairlift?!) After dragging truck tires up a hill, crawling through a mud pit on our bellies and jumping walls there was some serious running/jogging/walking. We climbed the full height of the mountain and then back down again – all in the name of fun.

As I sit here 3 days later my body still feels like its been through a train wreck! In a crazy, awesome kind of way. Whilst I might not have got my regular long run in on Saturday I enjoyed a different kind of workout. One that worked my whole body using different muscles that I’m not used to using when I’m putting in the miles for Half marathon training.

The biggest muscle that got a workout was the FUN muscle. It’s great to change it up from time to time. I love my running, but I love doing something a bit different too! (And that hill training certainly can’t do me any harm in preparation for Blueberry hill on the Whistler course!)

Have you done a mud run? or another fun race recently?

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