Mountain Mamas on The Run

As I went for a run, on this beautiful Sunday morning, of Mothers Day, I had time to reflect on the many women I have met who have served as inspiration. Running, at times, can feel tough and tiresome. When you are training for a race it is normal, a few weeks out, to get in a bit of a “rut”. Gorgeous sunny weather, a bit of a modified route, a coffee at my favorite local shop and the anticipation of coming back to a home cooked brunch from my husband for Mothers Day all served as the perfect recipe to stay motivated.

Running, for me, is a mindful, movement of meditation. It is a time for me to be calm with my thoughts, enjoy the outdoors and reflect. Many amazing women, passed through my head as I ran each step. At times, when running after pregnancy feels challenging or tiring I think about the courage and strength my own mother has faced in her life. Most recently, less than three months ago, undergoing heart surgery and overcoming some serious health issues. She has never missed an opportunity to remind me that it took 32 painful hours to give birth to me. More than 30 years later, life mirrored itself, as it took me 32 hours to give birth to my son. This time around I was surrounded by family and my mom who looked at me with careful, stern eyes and the reminder that if she could do it then I could do it.

Mother’s Day, is an opportunity to reflect on the women in our lives who inspire us. Some may be “mothers” in the tradition sense while others could be women in your life, who have mentored, supported you, taken you under their wing and given you strength. Christine Suter, leader trainer for the Whistler Half Marathan, in my opinion, is the Mountain Mama of Running in Whistler. She has conquered most of the races in this corridor and also has devoted countless hours to teaching, coaching and training other to reach their best goals. As you set out on your runs this week, I encourage you to reflect on the people in your life who have offered support and mentorship and added some happiness to each step you take.

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