What’s your milestone moment?

Last week I ran my first ‘double digit’ run of the year. 10 miles! (Yes, I know I’m in Canada but the Brit in me still works in miles!) It’s significance always impresses me and humbles me, despite the fact that I’ve run a marathon and that 10 miles isn’t even half way to my longest distance.

But for me  there’s something about that first double digit run of the year for me and it’s just as special as the first time I ever ran 10 miles. Since my running takes a back seat in the winter time I’m ramping up my training and mileages come every spring – and every year it’s a small triumph when I get back to double digits!

No matter how experienced a runner you are you’ll always have those ‘milestone moments’ – your first 10km, first half marathon or even just that first run you complete without a walk break. For me it was that time I left home pre-dawn on a warm summers day and set out on what would be the first time my GPS would show double digits on the clock – I was excited and intimidated by the distance and I loved every minute of it (I may even have welled up with pride as my GPS beeped the 10 mile mark and I realised that my 2 lil’ legs had carried me the furthest they’d ever taken me before).

But whatever it is for you I hope that you appreciate it and your accomplishment each and every time you reach them. Because it’s a BIG deal. Running is hard – it’s hard for everyone (it’s just the line between comfortable and hard are different for everyone). I work hard to NOT forget that feeling and not take it for granted, no matter how much further or faster I can run compared to that first time. I love re-living the moment as often as I can – because it reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much I can still accomplish.


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Brit Chick now living in beautiful BC...blogging about running, fitness, healthy living, food, crafts, travel, my cute vizsla puppy and my awesome (eh!) Canadian life!
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