Running Blues

This the first year in 12 years that I will not be participating in the BMO Half or Full Marathon; and I’m sad.  My body is telling me I’m just not ready; my mind is telling me you can do it; my thoughts are telling me you will complete it and not be happy.  GRRRR, it seems I have the running blues.  I will miss all of my running buddies that I have made at BMO; and I wish everyone running the swiftest of feet, the strongest of lungs, and most of all the bestus of fun!!  Cause that’s what running is supposed to be … FUN!  Always run with a smile and that mile seems a whole heck of a lot shorter.

What do you do when you have the running blues (this is the point in time when getting up at 5am seems like a chore, tying your shoes is more difficult, leashing the dog seems drastic)?  You CHANGE IT UP!  I’m not saying give up on your training to take up … oh bowling or lawn darts … but find a new route, find new energy, release it into something new.  Just like spring cleaning; clean up your routine. 

This morning I took a different route, and it actually didn’t feel like a chore.  Rather than hitting the pavement, I hit the trail.  Finding new ground on old territory; feeling the dirt beneath my feet; seeing the trees wiz by (okay pass quicker than normal); watching Billie bring sticks he foraged in the woods; it was a breath of fresh air I had been longing for. 

Who says your training needs to be countless miles and hours on hard surfaces and treadmills?  You can take the path less travelled for sure, and still continue to train, and succeed.  I did it years ago, and I’m going to do it again!  I actually forgot how much I love to be in the woods, alone, in solitude with nature (and a dog). 

And for those of you out there who this doesn’t work for, switch it up even further; it’s spring, get out your bike (road or mtn), how about roller blades, do you own a paddle board?  Do something different to rejuvinate your spirit this spring, and … keep on runnin’ … I sure am.


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