Work Travel … WHAT DO I DO?!?!

My career provides me with the opportunity to travel about 10 weeks a year; and I love it!!  I go to exciting places, I travel with some of the ski industries best people, and it’s pretty darn fun!  Travel however used to stress me out; how am I going to get any exercise with all these meetings, industry nights, and early mornings?  The same way I do at home.  My shoes are the easiest piece of equipment to pack; that and a pair of tights and a shirt and I’m set to go.  I get up early, put on my shoes, my iPod and set out to discover where I am. 

Running is a great way to discover the city you are in.  There are lots of apps that will show you routes that other runners have taken (like MapMyRun).  You can even create your own routes too (please remember that 10kms is much different than 10miles .. made that mistake once in Palm Springs). 

Also, talk to people you are travelling with, what better way to do a piece of business than on a run in the morning.  I’m almost 100% certain that you will find someone in the same boat, wanting to go for a run, but have no idea where they are going.  On a trip to San Francisco a group of us who have travelled together for over 5 years joined forces and we formed a little on the road running club.  We never knew that we all were runners heading out at 6am.  Image

In the past 2 weeks I have been to San Antonio, TX and Breckenridge, CO; and guess what, we all met up for that faithful 6am run. 

Keeping fit is a challenge on it’s own, keeping fit is a whole different challenge on the road; but you can do it!  Find the time just like you would at home; skip that one last cocktail and head to be reasonably early.  You’ll thank yourself for it, and you’ll feel so much better when starting your day of meetings!

These tips also work on vacation; in Sayulita, MX, I ran through the jungle everyday, found a great coffee shop, and the lady across the street at the market always gave me 2 extra eggs.  Just because, I ran and discovered where I was.

Get out there!

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