my inspiration

I think we all have a starting point.  Something that jumpstarted our journey into the world of becoming a runner.  Perhaps it was an event, maybe an individual, a revelation, a doctor’s warning, or perhaps simply a personal promise.  My inspiration was kickstarted last spring by one of my favourite young ladies.  She is the whole reason I began this journey in the first place…

my inspiration

Here she is…  My youngest daughter.  She was 10 at the time of this picture.  She joined a running club last spring  and the 8 week session ended with her participating in her first 5 km run.  I was so proud of her as I watched her cross the finish line, and then this thought ran through my head… “Ummm… she’s TEN!!  You no longer have an excuse.  If she can do it, there’s no reason you can’t…”

That was it.  A couple of weeks later (after a bit more humming and hawing), I bought myself some new runners and I took my first steps as a rookie runner.  Fast forward 11 months, and here I am, just six weeks away from tackling my first ever half marathon.  All thanks to her… xox

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