Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are central to fitness and training for a half marathon or 10 km race. However, it is common when you commit to a running goal to get distracted by the accumulation of more kms and as a result recovery days sometimes get missed or replaced with equally strenuous cross training.

The last few weeks, with longer days and nicer weather, I have steadily increased my weekly runs, the pace and distance. I feel stronger and more eager for the race ahead. I try to schedule my week and incorporate the fine balance of working full-time, spending time with my family and increasing my running schedule. It is an intricate balance which at times cannot be scheduled or met with 100% perfection. This past Monday I woke up at 7:15am. For a mom, with a 14 month old son, this is called “sleeping in” at our household and a delayed start to our normal 6am wake up call.

Since I gave birth to my son our family no longer needs an alarm clock. His laughter, giggles and infectious energy is enough to get anyone out of bed. Much to my surprise the little man slept in and therefore we all slept in. I quickly texted my friend Claire and realized that our morning run before work was out. She is one of the most caring, supportive people I know and gently wrote back a message, “Sometimes a sleep is better than a run.” She was right. My extended sleep time and cuddle session with my family on a Monday morning was the recipe I needed. It did not reflect my “to do list” or planned schedule. Instead it represented the amazing opportunity in life to seize the moment and understand that happiness truly comes from wanting what you already have.

A sleep in mixed with some amazing weather and a rescheduled run date with Claire, on a Thursday morning, gave me the strength and spirit I needed. Coincidently it also proved to be the week with the most kms logged. This morning Claire and I once again had a run planned. My facebook message of a meet time was not returned so my run was solo and our date cancelled. Shortly close to noon I got a message. She had slept in til 10am no easy feat for a mom with two kids under 7. But a supportive partner and family and the need to restore and rejuvenate was the perfect recipe for a Sunday sleep in.

Wishing you rest and recovery this week.

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