You are a runner

I’m back from my little adventure to Southern California. I’m exhausted, I’m blurry eyed from lack of sleep and I’m aching. My team of 12 women ran a total of 194 miles at the SoCal Ragnar Relay in 37 hours and I’m full of admiration and joy. I had the most incredible experience and made new friends and was reminded yet again how incredible this sport is. I was also reminded how we can so often put ourselves down in our sport. Just this weekend I heard my team-mates saying things like ‘I only ran a 5km’….’I’m a slow runner’…..’I can only run a 3 hour half marathon’. I probably even said it myself….I’m only running a 2.9 mile leg next… But yet we are ALL runners. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast you are. Our team had a huge range of paces and experience but we were all in it together and it didn’t matter how long your section of the relay was – every mile mattered. We were wearing the same team shirts and we all trained just as hard as each other. We are ALL runners.

If you run you are a runner

I’m a sucker for ‘inspirational’ quotes – I thought I’d share this one with you. When the going gets tough or I’m not feeling super motivated I love reading these kind of quotes to kick me up the backside and get me out the door!

Have you got a favourite quote or mantra that you think of when you’re running?

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