Socks + Shoes = Happy Feet

As most of you know I’m a big advocate of changing your shoes, your socks and keeping your feet happy.  Actually, shoes do more than keep your feet happy, they keep your knees, hips, spine and joints happy.  If  you know me, I always post a little something about shoes.  It came up in talks this week during our long run. 

Common questions:  How do I know when I need to change my shoes?  How long do you keep your shoes?  What shoes should I buy?  How many miles/kms should you put on your shoes?

Firstly, if you look at your shoes, and you see no treads, you remember wearing them last year at the same time, they have a tear, they’re freyed, it’s probably time to replace them.  If you’ve pounded out between 400-600miles, it’s time to replace them.  If you don’t remember buying them, they went with an outfit from university, or they look like this ….Image

It’s definintely time to replace them.   What shoes should you buy?  That’s like buying a car.  What fits you best?  You are able to be fitted at most shoe stores.  And remember but just because they’re on sale doesn’t mean they’re right for you; shoes affect your mechanics, and are worth the investment.  Would you invest in a lemon of a car just because it was on sale?

Youre shoes are what keep your feet from hitting the ground and keeping you literally in line.  But I mentioned socks in my title.  This was also a hot topic this week.  I LOVE wearing a brand new pair of socks when I run a race.  I always buy the same pair; just like my shoes I walk in, ask for the make and the size and walk out (don’t worry I pay first).  Things to think about though when buying socks, and try before you race in them … I’ve had HUGE blisters from the wrong socks over the years.  Think about the cushioning of the sock, is it a compression sock, too thin, to thick, where does the seam hit.  Again, try … and try … and try … I would love to take a picture of my running sock collection … I have more of them than I do dress socks!!

What you put on your feet is just as important as what you you eat.  They all make for a great run!

Get out there and have fun!

Happy Trails 🙂

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