Run Clinic Day #1

6:10am, pulling into Whistler village; 15 cars already parked infront of the North Face Store; more arriving; -3C … brr! That’s right we were all arriving for the first day of the North Face Whistler Half Marathon running clinic!! WAHOO!! This date always puts it into perspective how close the ‘big day’ really is. It also reminds me how many people rely on us to be up, awake, alert and ready to go at this time. Usually I’m out running by now, but really Billie the border collie could care less if I’m happy, grumpy, sad, tired, or unmotivated as really our conversations don’t extend much past, good boy, tail wagging and a stop to do his business. As long as we’re running that’s all he cares about. However, staring at the faces of the group that has gathered, they do care whether I’m perky, happy, sad, ready to go … and I WAS ready to go! Totally excited to meet the new group of runners, see some old faces (and I mean old in the previous not in the age sense 🙂 ), and share our winter expeditions.

We started out with a slow jog, followed by our ABC’s of running, then a warm up before doing 400m repeats x 8, then a cool down jog and stretch back at the store. I also remember why intervals are so good for you. They push you, drive you, remind you how to do quick foot work and turn over. The rest periods give us a chance to recover, chat and discuss what makes us a better runner. How can we improve what seems so natural.

People often question me; how do you lead runners, what do you really teach them? It sounds silly but when you learn the fundamentals you realize there’s a lot more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Intervals are a great way to show runners how to be an effective runner. Even as I type that it sounds funny in my head; but my brain makes sense of it and converts it into knowledge and meaning.

I’m really excited to start year 4 as one of the run leaders alongside such names as Christine Sutter, John Blok and Marie-Ann Prevost, I mean really … it’s only just me! Runner, dog lover, road biker, hiker, mountain gal … oh wait … I am someone! Someone with a passion to motivate others, teach others, learn from others, and enjoy others. Everything I do is dedicated to sharing with kindness compassion and an open ear! I really look forward to working with our groups and watching them reach thier goals this year.

Happy Trails!



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