The Sound of Running

As I set out this morning at 6am with Billie (my border collie); headlamps on (yes both of us), I started to think about what I was going to post today. So many things go through my mind on a run, even when I’m listening to my iPod; what do I have to do at work today? what am I going to write for my blog post? what’s for lunch? what happened to my purple trainers? did I turn the coffee maker on? what am I putting in my green smoothie when I get home? how many more kms to go? what time is it? I haven’t heard from my mom I should call her. By the end of my run, I couldn’t even tell you what music I listened to, I’m pretty sure I just use it as background noise, thinking it’s keeping me occupied. When in fact, when I do pay attention to the fact that I’m running, and tune back in, I’m running to the sound or the beat of the music. Each song my pace changes. Sounds strange right, try it! Pay attention to what happens when different songs come on. It’s a really cool experiment.

Another cool thing happens, with each song, and as my thoughts change (I’m a little OCD and ADD … not kidding … there’s a reason I own a border collie!), my thoughts change with the song; for example, dance music, pace picks up, but I skip more and this is when I think about the fun things, family, friends, the weekend. Rock music with a hard beat, work … and my steps become heavier (I LOVE my job for anyone I work with reading this). Funk music, don’t ask but I thought about food.

It was the first time I really paid attention to my thoughts and the music, and the beat. I always knew my pace changed with the music.

I wanted to find out from all of you; do you run with music, or without? If you run with music, have you ever noticed this? If not, try it and see if my theory is correct. Post your comments below, it would be awesome to find out!

Happy trails!


PS. I still have no idea where my purple North Face runners are … I know there in my house 🙂

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