a rookie’s training rut

Seeing as it is Monday, I think this is my day to post an update.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, it looks like I am the true rookie amongst this group of bloggers this year.  It appears that most of you other runners have run at least one half marathon already; many of you have completed countless more.  I am still building up my distance bit by bit.  I’ve just reached the point where I can run 10km ‘comfortably’, and on a good day, I can push myself to 11 or 12 km.  Up until the past couple weeks, I was feeling pretty good about my progress, but lately I am feeling like I’ve hit some kind of a rut.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired.  Work and life in general have been busier than usual.  I am aware that we all have busy lives, so I’m feeling like this really isn’t much of an “excuse”, nor do I want it to be.  The weather hasn’t helped, although today’s sunshine was enough to motivate me to change into my running gear after work and get out the door for a very short 3km which included some hill training.  May I re-iterate just how much I do not enjoy running those hills?

I don’t really know what’s wrong.  My pace is slower, my legs feel heavy, and the past few runs, I just haven’t been feeling it.  I’m hoping that with the increased daylight, my groove might return.  This is not the time to start feeling mildly defeated!  I mentioned to some of my running friends that my past few runs have been ‘bad’ enough to make me consider downgrading to the 10km portion of this upcoming race in June.  That was met with a unanimous “NOT A CHANCE“!!!!  They keep telling me that I can do this.  I’m really hoping that they are right.  Thank goodness for my cheerleading support group.  Although I don’t run with a group, I do keep my friends updated on my progress.  They offer me lots of support, encouragement and helpful tips.

This time next week, I will be en route to Maui!  Maybe a week’s worth of beach sand and sun will be just the tonic I need to revive me.  I actually signed up to run a 5km on the beach.  I’ll be running in the Maui Valley to the Sea Half Marathon, but just the 5km – I will be on vacation, after all.  I’ve never run on a beach before, so it might end up feeling more like a 10km by the time I finish.  Perhaps my favourite souvenir will be my Hawaiian running bib!

Here’s hoping that some Hawaiian sun will cure my running blues.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post a new blog until I return, so here’s hoping that you will all find more success in your training runs than I have lately.  Aloha for now!

– Clara

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