Setting a goal and sticking to it!

I love running, but I love running even more when I have a race on the horizon. Just hitting submit on the registration page of race is my sure-fire way of motivating myself back into action! I’m a self-confessed seasonal runner so after my little winter hiatus from running I’m keen for the warmer temps, the melted ice and the longer days!

The Whistler Half Marathon is my perfect ‘early season’ goal race. I have something to focus on and plan my training around. Having a GOAL just makes me tick.

 photo AGoalwithoutaplanisjustawish_zps25318e8e.jpg

Having a goal is an awesome way to stay focussed and motivate yourself! Here are my tips to setting a goal and sticking to it!

  • Write your goals down
  • Make a plan, (a goal without a plan is just a wish!) and start small – setting small goals that are achievable are more ego-boosting and motivational – work your way up to bigger and better by creating a series of ‘mini goals’ that work in sequence
  • Be specific about what you want to achieve and make sure you have S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely)
  • Tell people about your goals – it makes you more accountable plus you’ve now just created your very own support network! (And you know what, if telling someone backfires and you feel like they’re ‘dissing’ your goal then that can also work as awesome motivation – you’ll be out to prove them wrong – it’s a win/win!!)
  • No matter how smart your training goes you can never prepare for the unexpected on race day – an illness, the weather, or even the clothes you wear – all of which can throw you off track. So have several goals for the day itself – the first is what you’ll be happy with, the second you’ll be really excited about and the third is your dream ‘big kahuna’ goal! – or maybe your Plan A, B and C goals! This way you’ll be sure of success and allows for the unpredictability of race day.
  • And remember a goal isn’t always about your finish time. Running injury free is super important and a worthy goal to have. You might be practicing your running form or training with a heart rate monitor, or you might well be out to just have a good time, run with friends and enjoy the scenery, (and if that’s the case you’ve picked a beauty when you signed up to run the Whistler Half!)

So I guess I’d better step up and lead by example…..Since Whistler is my early season race I’m not looking to PR, (currently 1:51:10) but I want a solid race to get my season off to a strong start and run injury free, (after some issues with my hamstring this winter). My first goal at Whistler will be to finish strong and pain-free, my second goal will be to better last year’s time at Whistler and my third ‘dream’ goal will be to PR (well, duh!)

So come on, spill…..what are your goals for Whistler, or indeed for 2014?!

~ Helen.

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Brit Chick now living in beautiful BC...blogging about running, fitness, healthy living, food, crafts, travel, my cute vizsla puppy and my awesome (eh!) Canadian life!
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