Suggestions for Your Post Race Reward

Congratulations! You’re finished. You came, you ran, you conquered. Now it’s time to celebrate. Time to indulge yourself, guilt-free. Let me help you come up with some ideas:

1. Book a massage and go for a soak. Scandinave Spa Whistler has generously given all runners 20% off of their Scandinave Baths Experience (coupon in your race package), why not throw in a massage while you’re there? It’s all in the name of maximizing your recovery. *wink, wink

2. Go buy some stuff! The North Face Whistler store is offering 25% off storewide this weekend to anyone with a race bib.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.02.32 PM

3. Running a half marathon wasn’t enough of an adventure for you? Good news – The Adventure Group Whistler is offering 25% off selected activities when you show your race bib at their storefront in the Hilton Whistler Resort.

4. Enjoy some of the post-race festivities. Check out the weekend’s Schedule of Events put together by the organizers of The North Face Whistler Half Marathon; movies, a concert, face painting and some good old fashioned roller derby top off your race day.

5. Visit the Whistler Wellness Fair. Show your race bib and get select discounts at the fair. Admission is free, check out some seminars between 10-2 on Sunday at the Westin.

Remember, you ran a half marathon! You deserve all the indulgence you can handle for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy and congratulations again.

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