One Week Out – Rest Up!

Today marks exactly one week before we all line up at the Start line of The North Face Whistler Half Marathon! Hopefully you’re all feeling good, proud of your training and are taking some extra time to rest and be good to your bodies.

As Ondrea posted about recently, taper mode is in full effect now. Or, at least, it should be. For the experienced athletes, maybe their taper isn’t the same as the taper of a newbie (meaning, they can probably get away with less rest time), but all the same our bodies have reached the point where little niggles will be popping up as we’ve reached the peak point in our training and have continued to push just a little bit with speedwork and semi-long runs.

I noticed last week that I was pretty tired. Like, “take a nap when my children nap” tired. And I did, which I’m really glad for. I don’t usually go for long, but 30 minutes usually helps me feel less of a fog in my head when I do. If you can swing a nap after your long run this weekend please consider doing it! Sleep is the best form of recovery time. We’ve logged some pretty tough runs on our training runs these past few weeks, including running the full race course, and that means extra TLC is required.

I’ve dropped one day of running and traded it with a 30-minute walk in the trails near our house. Family bike rides make up the difference cardio-wise. And I’m trying to get to one extra yoga class each week.

Other ways of setting yourself up to be well-trained AND fully rested on June 1 include scheduling a massage, limiting stress, familiarizing yourself with the race course (so you can visualize success and a great race) and eating right. If you’re travelling to Whistler for the race, it’s never too early to start packing.

We’ve made it this far, everyone. I hope your training journey has been as fun as mine, you’ve seen improvements in your running and are feeling confident that you can kick some butt next Saturday. You’ve worked hard, the training is there, so be proud of yourself.

See you on race day!

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