Run for the Hills

Just like the title, Thursday’s interval training run clinic was hill repeats.  This is by far my most favorite type of interval training (if you believe that I am also 5’11”, 120lbs, blond … )!  However, with every sport there is something that we do to prepare to be our best at it that we just don’t enjoy.  Interval training is an integral part to every runners success, and I love intervals.

We started with a 15mins warm up to the bottom of Blueberry Hill.  We started up to the first speed bump, and from there, 30mins of up and down BB Hill.  If you know this hill, you know there are 3 speed bumps (SB), and here’s how it went:

Run at  your max from the 1st SB to to the 2nd SB

Slow your pace from the 2nd SB to the 3rd SB

Run at your max from the 3rd SB to the top of the hill (where it dips then goes back up again)

45secs recovery (in my case, stop panting and bring your heart beat down under 4,000,000 beats per second!) Then turn around … and …

Run at slow pace from the top of the hill to the 3rd SB

Run at max pace from the 3rd SB to the 2nd SB

Slow your pace from the 2nd SB to the 1st SB

Rest 45secs … turn around and repeat 4 more times!

15mins easy run back to the start.  And Done!

John actually had us playing a little cat and mouse game while doing this too.  As I say, it’s always better to train with a partner, makes it WAY more fun.  Mind you I think today people noticed the leader (that’s me) wasn’t NEARLY as talkative as normal.  Maybe they were thankful 🙂

You may ask yourself; WHY?  Why would you put yourself through this?  Well the benefits far out weight the pain on this one. 

Hills are like strength training for your legs.  It strengthens tendons and ligaments, reduces the risk of injury and improves overall running form.  Going up, we really have to concentrate on keeping our heads up, chest high, light feet, smaller lighter steps.  Going down same concept applies, only you really have to make sure you’re not heel striking, that just leads to injury.  I always say, going down hill is like FREE SPEED!  And if you learn to do it properly you can really reap the benefits!! 

With all that said, maybe I don’t loath them as much as I led on in the beginning.  Around here it’s pretty hard to do a run without a hill or two; OK three or four!!  And over the years I have seen and experienced the rewards of doing hill repeats. 

If you haven’t done them before give them a try; not only will you get a great work out, you’ll experience the joy the next time you encounter a hill on your run.   

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2 Responses to Run for the Hills

  1. pattysorensen says:

    Great blog- truly inspiring as I don’t care foothills at ALL…but today I will give it a go.

  2. pattysorensen says:

    Great blog! Thanks- truly inspiring as I don’t like hill training at ALL! But today I will give it a go!

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