Injured but not Sidelined

Recovering from a foot injury has given me the opportunity to reflect on my training.

Last week, I finally dragged myself to the podiatrist to assess my nagging foot problem. Two toes are causing quite a bit of pain after long runs or combining a few activities. After x-rays and examination, the doctor assessed the injury to tendonitis and with a cortisone injection, I should be good to go in a few days. Additional advice is to ease up on the training. My intention this weekend was to go for a long run but will instead play a round of golf, thereby walking and getting exercise in another way. I am hoping that by cross training my stamina will continue to increase and I will be able to run the 1/2 marathon in June. Time will tell how quickly my foot heals but in the meantime I can still enjoy the fresh air while walking and hiking our beautiful mountains and pathways.

I read an article in a golf magazine this week that reflects on my thoughts.

Just Breathe!

5 Key Benefits of Fresh Air

1. Fresh air cleans the lungs, bringing more oxygen to our cells. More oxygen results in increased energy and stamina. 

2. The brain needs 20% of our body’s oxygen to function. Increased oxygen can improve brain clarity.

3. Exercising outdoors can increase oxygen levels carried to the muscles. This helps reduce the lactic acid buildup which causes painful cramping and stiffness.

4. Fresh air has been linked to better sleep, which in turn may strengthen the immune system, reduce depression and slow the effects of aging.

5. Fresh air can help you lose weight! Deep breathing can improve stamina and increase your metabolic rate, helping your body burn more calories throughout the day.

(Taken from April 2013 Golf Canada)


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