Today is the Day!

I was looking for new music the other day to add to my Ipod and glanced at the 2013 Half Marathon Soundtrack. There are some great tunes listed. If you haven’t had an opportunity yet- check it out. It is always fun to listen to new tracks while training. While on the music theme- last weekend my husband and I watched a Dave Matthews concert on T.V. He was wearing a t-shirt with the words “Today is the day” stamped across the front. I thought the idea was very apropos to what we wish to accomplish or look forward to in a day. Those few words can be truly inspiring. “Today is the day” we have an awesome training run on the hills, “today is the day” we have a beautiful long run in the sun, “today is the day” I go for a walk with my sister in the canyon, “today is the day” we meet a good friend for coffee, “today is the day” we win that coveted work related contract, “today is the day” your daughter graduates, “today is the day” your son returns home, “today is the day” we make someone smile.
What is your “Today is the day”?
Come race day- we can say..”Today is the day I run the Whistler Half Marathon”. Awesome!

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my loves- family, good health, travel, active lifestyle, clean design, new experiences
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