It’s a lot more fun to write about running it is to write about not running – much like it’s much more fun to run than not to run. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot more not running than running in my life recently. Since I managed to injure my foot, I’ve been following physio advice for once in my life (ok, first time seeing a physio at all), and not running. Great news, though: after a weekend of skiing (which was allowed), I got the green light today to run, and a quick 10k at lunch reassured me that there’s no pain in the foot. Yes – back to running! I’m a happy camper.

I’m trying to learn a few things from this, since I don’t really want to have to take another two weeks off running. First: physio can be helpful, and listening to physio can be a good thing. That one should be self-evident, I guess. Second: it’s good to keep cross-training methods up my sleeve, to stop from going stir-crazy while not able to run (and to stay in shape, of course). Road biking and some skiing has kept me a lot happier than I was immediately after I stopped running. Third, and possibly most important: take enough time off after races! A short run the day after a 50k race, and a longer one three days after the race, weren’t necessary – the bike could have done the same thing for me. I’ve got to be less scared of rest time (though really I’m lazy, it shouldn’t be a problem). Long runs, long distances, deserve respect, and the body needs some time to recover. Hopefully, paying attention to my body will keep me injury free for the rest of the summer. Now, time to get back to training, there’s the Sun Run in a few weeks…

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