Crick in My Neck

On Thursday morning I woke up with a pain in my right trapezius. I remembered feeling the discomfort through the night while sleeping, and usually I can tell when I’m falling asleep if I’m going to have a bit of neck or shoulder pain in the morning. I knew Wednesday night while I tried to get comfortable that I might wake up with some niggles.

The North Face Whistler Half Marathon Run Clinic has us doing intervals on Thursday mornings. I didn’t really think anything of the pain in that area of my body as being something that would affect my running, until we started out on our warmup out to White Gold.

Honestly, I’m not one to back out on a workout once I’ve started unless I truly have a reason (pain/injury, sick, bathroom issues, etc). The pain that I felt with every step made me want to quit – and this was only the warmup! It actually made me want to scream and cry, but I just whimpered a bit instead.

I made it through the workout. And holy smokes was it ever a workout. We ran 400 metres at 80% effort, then walked for about 1:30 and then we did just over 400 metres (probably around 600) at 80% effort and jogged for about 2:00. There was no standing still and our next sets were at 90% effort. We did this four times through.

I knew after our first two sets that I wasn’t going to be able to hold on with the fast group today. Reminding myself that I was still giving it my best effort and that I was still there was all that counted, I backed off and ran with the intermediate group this morning. By the end of the workout most of the pain was gone, and I was really glad that I showed up.

Post-intervals stretching in front of The North Face store. Photo courtesy of Whistler Running Club

Post-intervals stretching in front of The North Face store. Photo courtesy of Whistler Running Club

So, despite the crick in my neck there was still a great workout. My splits were excellent, and I worked hard with what I had to give that morning. That, my friends, is something to hang my hat on. I worked hard with what I had. And it’s really all you can do on any given day. Work hard, give what you’ve got.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
– Steve Prefontaine

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