Cross-training at the wrong time of year

Well, after finishing my last post here with a little hail-Mary to the running gods about not being injured – I’m now trying to make myself not injured. I was pretty sure while writing that last post that I’d done something; my left foot hurt almost too much to walk for a day. When it didn’t go away, I went to the physio, and apparently my cuboid bone had decided it wanted a closer relationship to the sole of my foot. No worries – a little ice, some work on the swelling, and some “manipulation” to pop the bone back in, and right as rain with a week and a half off running or jumping.

Wait, what? A week and a half? Off running? But… but… what am I going to DO?

I’ve always pushed the philosophy that it’s better to take a short time off now to recover than to have to take a long time off later. It’s an easy philosophy to apply to other people, but pretty hard to apply to oneself. I want to run a sub-32 min 10k; that’s not going to happen without any training, no matter how hard I think about it!

Fortunately, the weather in the Lower Mainland just turned classic “spring awesome”, which makes it hard not to ski all the time, but also means that the roads are dry and the skies are sunny. Great for running, but also great for riding bikes. Fortunately, that is something that I can do.

What lesson to take from this? For me, first, after a big race, make sure the legs are fully rested and recovered before trying to go back to running. Running’s great, but it must be admitted it’s a pretty stressful activity on the body. If in doubt, take another day from running, and get out the bike, the skis, the swim trunks, whatever. Next time – it’ll be worth it to take another day off rather than be stuck away from the trails on the nicest days of the season…

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