The Second Half Long Run

It was freezing this morning when I got into my car to drive to The North Face store for this week’s long run session with The North Face Whistler Half Marathon Run Clinic. Well, below freezing, actually. The temp gauge in my car said it was 23 degrees F. Brrrr, much?

This week Coach John had us run the second half of the race course. This meant we had a nice, flat-ish run this morning. And we were speedy. Average pace/mile was 8:52 or something like that. It felt like a decent “push” pace; slightly challenging but not “ohmygodimgonnadie”.

We started out running up Lorimer Road, did the loop through Tapley’s/Easy Street and then made our way to the Whistler Valley Golf Course section of the Valley Trail. This section is about as hilly as the second half of the course gets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all flat-out from there as there are undulating hills after that, but the climbing is officially over after that stretch.

Our second half route

Our second half route

It’s nice to have a day of training on the second half of the course already, we had a huge diet of the first half last year and only saw the second section a few times save for the days when we did intervals out in White Gold. Our only association with the second half of the course was being tired in our long runs and/or “ohmygodimgonnadie” from the intervals training. After today I know what it’s like to run that portion feeling pretty darn strong, and that we were going at a pretty quick clip adds a little to the confidence.

Because some of the Valley Trail still has some snow on it, we did have to do some creative patchwork to find our miles this morning, and ended our run with a loop past the base of Blackcomb along Blackcomb Way. Skiers and snowboarders making their way to the lifts cheered us on in spots, I heard someone say,”Wow, people are running right now?” and we just kept our pace up for the last stretch back toward Main Street.

Finally back at The North Face store, 8 miles (13km or thereabouts) done, we did a quick stretch and then I headed home before hearing what today’s post-run talk was. I had a husband and kids waiting for me to return with the car so they could go buy some seeds and soil for our garden. No, we’re not planting anything outside yet, but apparently we are getting things sprouting and ready for when the weather warms up.

Compression socks, a smoothie and a hot shower wrapped up my run morning. I need to hit the foam roller up for a good massage – I admit that I’ve been skimping on that area and since reintroducing it I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in my recovery time.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Where are you running? Anyone doing any races?

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