Buckling Down – Training Has Begun!

Training for the North Face Whistler Half Marathon has officially commenced. And I just celebrated my 32nd birthday. This means I’ve allowed myself to have a bit of lazy time, 10-miler over the weekend notwithstanding, and eat a bit more phood than food and skip strength workouts and so on. All in the name of celebrating 32, which for the record has been one of my quieter birthdays in recent memory.

While I’m not exactly falling apart at the seams, I, like many endurance athletes, have an expectation on myself to train and recover to the best extent possible. I try to avoid alcohol (I’m not a saint though, so if you see me with a glass of wine let me be), I try to not eat a lot of sugar and phood, I try to do strength training and/or cross training 2-3 days each week. I also try to keep a routine of what time I wake up and start my day.

Letting myself go in a few of these areas means that now that it is time to crack the whip (or at least start winding up to crack it) I am probably in for a few days of struggle so to speak. Getting used to an earlier wake up time, detoxing from birthday libations, ignoring the sugar cravings and in turn choosing the foods that I know are right for my own optimal health is kind of a jolt to the system so believe me when I say that even for some seasoned runners the start of a training circuit is difficult – we’re with you, newbies.

5:15 am was a harsh wake up call on Thursday morning as I got ready for our first intervals session. Two hours earlier than I have been used to rising of late, and with the time change over the previous weekend I’ve still been trying to get a handle on already being more tired in the morning. Did I mention that I don’t drink coffee anymore?

The workout was excellent for a first workout. I challenged myself by going with the fast group and it was a nice fit. I know I’m probably going to have days where the intermediate group will suit me better, and I’m okay with that. My long term goal is to be faster on race day than I was last year, or AS fast if you take into account that in 2012 the course measured short; I’d love to actually be able to claim that finish time of 1:50:48 as my TRUE half marathon distance PR. Pushing in the areas of training where I have room to push is one way I can improve.

There is still birthday cake in the fridge, and a half bottle of wine to finish off, I also seem to still be stuck with a bedtime nearing 10pm which definitely doesn’t jive well with an early morning wake up for a heavy workout. It would appear that the buckling down will be a work in progress over the next week. I’m okay with that. I am by no means looking to become “No Fun Aimee” over the next 12 weeks, but I have certainly learned that my goals can’t be achieved unless I’ve trained at my best and been consistent.

Here is to a great next 12 weeks – I’m raising my glass of water kefir to you all. I can’t wait to see you at the Start line on June 1. Let the training begin!

By the time this posts I’ll be heading to our first Run Clinic long run session. Stay tuned for a recap (hopefully with photos). 



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