Boost Your Immune System

This week both my husband and daughter have come down with nasty colds.

So far, I haven’t been afflicted. After reading several on-line articles about the benefits of moderate exercise reducing yearly colds, I am a believer.
With regular exercise your heart, lungs, and muscles all become stronger. Many doctors agree that the defense cells in your body that attack bacteria are boosted when you exercise, sending antibodies and white blood cells through the body at a quicker rate.  On the negative side- too much exercise can weaken your immune system.
How much is too much? Listen to your body. If you feel weak or rundown, take a break for a day or two. When you are feeling stronger start back training with another light activity; a brisk walk or hike. Then when you feel your energy levels are back, start again with your training program.

Rest and Recovery allows the body to re-energize and repair damage to tissues. 

With regular exercise you will feel the benefits of a sounder sleep, a healthier appetite and reduced stress levels; all which aid in a strong immune system.
What are you waiting for…. lace up those runners and stay healthy!




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