Keeping Yourself in Tune

Last week it was about changing your runners, just like the tires on your car.  This week I thought about getting an oil change; yes the light did come on in my car yesterday, but I also had a physio appointment, which lead me to this weeks thoughts.  We tend to service things to keep them going, like the car: oil change, brakes, tires and allignment.  What about keeping ourselves serviced?  The pads on your feet?  The kink in  your back?  The tightness in your IT band?

I go to physio twice a week; not needed for most people, but I am in recovery still from ACL surgery 7 months ago; and I need to make sure that I am running (quite literally) like a fine tuned car.  I  came home last night, went for a run, made dinner, and at 11pm, had the sharpest shooting pain down my ‘affected’ leg.  I called my wonderful physio, and was seen first thing this morning.  Being in tune with your body also helps, I could pinpoint the pain, tell him where and what hurt, and I walked out 45mins later, no pain, no limp, feeling, finely tuned. 

I think; and this is a personal thought; that we all need to be first, in tune with our bodies.  Know what feels ‘normal’, what feels right, when we’re running at our optimal prime (yes that sounded Tranformer’ish), and when our parts are starting to break down.  Keeping ourselves serviced, running as a fine tuned engine, making sure our parts aren’t squeaking is one simple step on the road to running our best. 

Pick your mechanic, whether it’s physio, chiro or massage therapist; much like your car or bike mechanic; it’s who you get along with best, who takes care of you with your needs in mind, and makes you feel your best.  

With that said, don’t forget to recover, stretch and relax after every run!

Have fun out there!



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