Burnout Can Be Good Pt. 1

Last weekend I skipped my long run.

In a few short weeks training for the North Face Whistler Half Marathon commences FOR REAL and the skipping out on workouts won’t be happening. There are some goals I’d like to accomplish at this year’s race, and I need to be committed to training in order to get there, but in order to be committed I need to be going into training excited to run and grow and work.

Basically, by taking last weekend off my intention was to avoid burnout before training starts. In 2012 I had a big running year. I ran three half marathons, two of them in the same month, and I ran sub-2 hour times for those two races as well. In addition to setting some PRs, there was trail running, Thursday mornings with The Whistler Running Club doing intervals and weekend long runs.

By the time late September rolled around I was getting tired.

Believe me, I never thought I would be the runner who got tired of running. There is nothing about running that I don’t love. I kind of even love washing my running clothes.

As much as I love running, though, that time came when I woke up and just went,”Ugh, I don’t wanna do it today.” And I’ve had those days before, but this time it was different. I honestly didn’t want to run. I didn’t even care if I ran again that week. Or month. That was scary for me, the girl who enjoys washing stinky, sweaty running clothes.

I knew that this wasn’t actually being tired and lazy because this felt like it was coming from the same place inside of me that loves running and I wasn’t going to walk (haha) away from running forever, I knew that at that moment in time I wanted to stop for a little while. I was burned out.

Instead of powering through that, and risk eventually being forced to take time off because of an injury, I chose to listen to the whispers of “let’s not do that for a while” and found something else I could do. Something that has opened my heart and challenged me in ways that I didn’t even realise I could be challenged.

Suspense! Tune in next Saturday to find out what I did in place of running for a few months (yes, months) and how I am really looking forward to seeing where it takes me in my running for 2013. 

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1 Response to Burnout Can Be Good Pt. 1

  1. sarahmcow says:

    YES. I needed to find this. I’m done with half/marathoning for the spring and looking forward to tri season — I’m hoping it’s just what I need to get energized for fall races.

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