The Power of Friends

I’ve been logging the miles; about 7 everyday; Sundays are long run days, so anywhere from 12 to 16miles; and Mondays are a rest day, I just head out with the poochies for long dog walks.

On Sundays, I usually plug-in my iPod, turn on some killer tunes and hit the ground running.  Last week I had the pleasure of running with a long time friend, and now I miss her.  You see, for 4 years, we ran every morning together at 5:55am.  We’d spend the time talking about life, ranting about husbands, work, kids, what ever was on our minds.  Therapy as we called it.  Sadly she moved away, so we only get our long runs every few months now.

I’ve become a gym rat, maybe I’m getting softer in my old age (it’s cold out there); but during the week, I’m on the treadmill, reading a book, but I get to talk to my girlfriends, as there’s a good core of us at the gym.  Whether it’s while we’re stretching post workout, or changing in the locker room.  I need that social interaction.

This weekend I headed out for my long Sunday run, solo.  It was great, had a good time, feet kept pace, knee didn’t hurt, tunes were cranked, I thought about the week, the day, my life; but I had no one to share it with!  Crazy, I never really thought of running as a social activity before; many of us don’t; but once you head out with someone you can share your thoughts with, it’s pretty amazing.

So my challenge to you this week is; call an old friend, go for a run, and see what fun it can be.  I bet you feel 99% better by the time you’re done, and your friend will thank you for the ‘therapy session’.

Happy Feet!

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