Pitter Patter I’m Back At ‘Er

After almost 6 months of recovery from ACL surgery I am, quite literally, back up and running.  It feels AMAZING!  I was one of the lucky ones who was able to start running 3 months post op, and now can log some serious miles.  It was almost like starting over; yes I kept up cardio with road biking, rowing, elliptical, but nothing compares to the good ol’ sweat, tears, and tired legs of a run.

Through my experience I have learned a lot.  Cross training, it pays off!  I’m stronger, and more fit (albeit) carrying a bit of a ‘winter coat’ at the moment, but that will surely melt away as the miles build, and Christmas becomes a distant memory, right?!  Build your muscles up before and after surgery (although I pray none of you ever have to endure surgery), it really helped recovery come quickly, and made it a bit easier to start running again.  Stay motivated, no matter how cold, wet, icy, sleepy, you are, find it within yourself to push to get out there; you’ll feel so much better for it.  Motivation: it’s the key to any success, you just have to find what motivates you and go with it; ask yourself what is your motivation, and write it down.  Set small goals for yourself; I used to set the bar high, and when I didn’t reach it, I was very, very hard on myself.  I found out that when I make smaller goals, they’re more easily achieved; it’s not cheating, it’s being realistic.  Pay it forward, use your own success as a runner or an athlete, to help someone else become a great athlete too.

I’m looking forward to continuing to reach my goals, to inspire others, and to find it within’ my self to be the athlete I’ve always wanted to be.  It’s actually fun coming back and challenging myself again; the same way I challenged myself when I started running.  I’m learning over again, which in turn helps me help others.

Till next time!

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