Thinking ahead

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog post for the TNF Whistler Half Marathon – but here I am again, and looking forward to writing stuff about running (or things peripheral to running) from now through June. Race Director Dave (if you didn’t see him, he was the quiet guy with the radio and the baseball cap who was never on the microphone, but always busy) and his team put on yet another awesome race in 2012, and I suspect they’ve got more up their sleeves for 2013 (perhaps a song that’s not by U2 to play at the start line). And to think, all we runners have to do is hoof it over 21.1 km – a morning, and you’re done.

I suppose that’s not totally true. If you, like me, continually think to the last race and wonder how you could run it better: whether your “better” is “faster” (by a second, a minute, or an hour); whether your “better” is to be more comfortable during or less sore after the race; or whether this year’s Whistler Half your first race ever; this is a good time to start thinking, planning, and putting in the work to make that “better” reality.

For my part, I ask myself two questions: 1) what sensations did I have in the run that held me back? and 2) what do I know I should be doing, but haven’t been doing. The second part is the basics; things that will definitely help, but might be hard to fit in to the schedule of a full life. For me, this is core strength – so simple and easy to do, but who wants to do planks and situps when outside is so big and beckoning? The first part is about personalizing the training, and tailoring it to the type of race. I can do all the long trail runs I want, but if I never suffer through some speed and tempo work, I’ll never have that speed endurance I need for a half marathon. It would be pretty easy to go into 2013 doing all the same things as in 2012, and have a similar 2012; but to improve, now is the time to start!

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