A day to go…

Well, it’s race day on Saturday. This is about the time that normally I’d be psyching myself up a bit and getting a bit nervous and antsy. It always happens that way – and then the starter’s gun goes, and those feelings are all replaced by trying to race.

Oddly, I don’t feel that antsy right now – and I think I’ve figured out why.

In a lot of races, I – most of us – can put pressure on myself to reach a certain goal, run a certain time, complete a certain distance. This is how I’ve felt for the two big races this spring. What’s different about Whistler?

A few things. First, I ran the course last year – and it’s beautiful. It’s a rolling course which is easy to keep focus on, since it’s constantly changing, and it feels fast, since so much of it is on narrow pathway. Second, it’s a half-marathon – and the half is an awesome distance. It’s just short enough to avoid the potential of the terrible marathon bonk, but long enough that the pace at any point doesn’t have to be so punishing as it might be in a 5k.

Bottom line? Rather than being nervous about Whistler – I think it’s going to be about as much fun as anybody could have in the Village on a June morning. (There are rarely deep powder days on June mornings – save that for February). I’m going to go out on Saturday morning and have me a time. I’m hoping lots of people do the same, and I’m looking forward to hearing the stories at the finish line.

So, bottom line: run quick, work hard, but don’t ever forget to enjoy your race!

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