Last days of prep

Well, it’s almost here…

Hope you’re all enjoying a well-earned taper – the miles are in the bank (hopefully!) and there’s really nothing more you can do running-wise that’ll make any difference on Saturday, so now’s the time to eat some carbs (hooray!), take a few long bubble baths, put your feet up and relax….ahhhhh.

I’m trying to do just that, but life has a funny way of getting extra busy when you least expect it. I did get in a good practice-run on Sunday though, at The Whistler Valley Trail Run; an undulating 10km race on the soft under-foot Lost Lake wider trails. It gave me a chance to rehearse my ‘race-pace’ and race morning nutrition, as well as mingle with some other local runners. My time was pretty much what I expected, but it calmed my WHM nerves somewhat to get a practice, albeit for half the distance of the real thing. However, to quote one of Whistler’s wisest (and fastest) trainers/runners – John Blok: ‘The first 10km in a half marathon comes for free, it’s the second half you have to work at!’


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